A delicious slice of Kaos

Keelie Von Kaos is one of those people who is absolutely mad. In the most delightful way, because it means she is so much fun to shoot with. Whilst I’ve only had the pleasure to shoot with Keelie a few of times, each time has been thoroughly enjoyable. 

As Keelie has recently made the decision to retire from modelling next year,  I thought I’d take a look back through my archives and share a few images from those occasions we’ve worked together.

Single Light Kaos

We start with a shot from the first time I worked with Keelie all the way back in 2016. This was taken at a studio club night where the evening’s theme was single light set-up’s. A lot credit needs to go to Andrew and Caroline of Wolfe Cottage for setting up the lighting and doing the styling on these evenings.
I really like how the light behind her gives her a radiant glow. I think it’s beautiful image and it’s one I’m rather fond of.

Keep your hat on

We jump to 2018 and another club night. This time the theme was All Hat and No Knickers, resulting in a rare bit of art nude photography for me.
Keelie worked this evening with the equally talented, but not quite as bonkers, Freya Fawn. The cheekiness of this image, in every sense, makes this one of my favourite images from the night.

Casual Fashion Queen

Still in 2018 and this time I got to shoot with Keelie one -to-one on a studio day. I had spent this year challenging myself to shoot using the same single light set-up. Keelie was one of my favourite people to shoot with that year and I loved what we were able to create together.

Before the break

Lastly we come to 2019 and the last shoot I did before the birth of my daughter. Yes that will get brought up a lot, I’m a proud dad.
I’d enjoyed my shoot with Keelie the previous year, and was more than happy to work with Keelie on my last shoot before I took a bit of a break from the camera.

Finally. . .

Keelie is one of those people with whom it is possible to create great things with, and I am grateful that I have been able to work such a fun, bubbly, bonkers and lovely person.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get one last shoot in with Keelie before she retires, though I have no idea right now when I will be able to fit that in.
I have my fingers crossed that we can make it happen.

All images shot at Wolfe Cottage Studio

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