In the Tall Grass

I walk along the path that has been worn by the many footsteps of those before me, the long grass on both sides of me reaches in to tickle at my arms. The excitement I had as I started out on this journey is starting to fade as the hot sun beats down and the loaded backpack I carry is beginning to weigh heavy.

Suddenly I hear a sound off to one side. I stop to listen more closely. There it is again! My heart begins to thump in my chest. This is it. My moment. My first chance to prove myself as a trainer.

I step off the path and drop to my knees to crawl through the grass towards the sound I heard. The grass begins to thin as I approach a clearing in the shade of the trees. It’s then I see it. A spearow, clawing at the ground with it’s talons. It’s focused on it’s task and hasn’t noticed me. ‘Yes,’ I think to myself. ‘This is it.’ I reach for the poke ball at my belt, the one I was given just a few hours earlier. “C’mon buddy. We got this.”

As I release my Pokemon I order it to attack the unaware spearow. The impact is surprising effective, it’s head is driven into the ground and it’s clearly dazed! Perfect, now’s my chance! I reach for another poke-ball and toss it at the spearow. But before it can reach it’s target it’s bashed out of the way by a blurred shape. What was that? The distraction has given the spearow chance to regain it’s senses. I start to order my Pokemon to attack again, but before I can the spearow tilts back it’s head and crows angrily towards the trees. It’s then I realise I have made a huge mistake.

It’s not alone.

The trees come alive as a huge flock of angry spearow take flight and they are heading right for me! I recall my Pokemon to it’s poke ball and turn to run as quickly as I can. I’ve barely taken a dozen stumbling steps before they’re upon me. The air is thick with feathers and the cries of angry spearow. Their beaks slice into me over and over as the fly past me. I stumble as they strike. My foot strikes something and I fall. I hit the ground hard. They’re everywhere! I have nowhere to go. They swarm all over me their beaks and talons tearing at me. I turn my head and the last thing I see is a battered poke-ball clutched in a skeletal hand.

This tweet from Xavier Woods inspired me to write this short story about a Pokemon trainer whose journey is cut short.

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