A quick look back. . .

So Christmas is behind us and the end of year approaches. It’s that time when we look back upon the last twelve months and reflect upon what the year has been like.

Looking back I think 2019 has been a pretty good year. It’s had its challenges though nothing insurmountable.

From the photography viewpoint it’s been good.
Once again I have had the pleasure of working with some great people this year. Some new faces, some familiar faces, all have been awesome.

From a personal viewpoint the year brought us a baby girl and completed our little family unit.

Looking to the Future

What’s planned for 2020? Well, put simply, just to carry on. I want to continue to post regularly to this blog and shoot as often as I possibly can. The former is down to me and the latter is dependent upon circumstances.

The birth of my daughter has brought with it some new challenges. Time and money are no longer available to me in the quantity it was previously and trying to reignite the creative spark after a brief break was a bit more challenging than I expected.

Outside of photography and this blog, one of my goals for 2020 is to attend another comic-con, outside of Nor-con. I’m hoping it will be MCM London, might be MCM Birmingham. It would be great to meet some people in person. I fully intend to attend Nor-con for the third year running, probably with the whole family in tow this time.

Another goal is to try and write more short stories. I loved writing as a kid and I can’t really remember why I stopped. I think it was just life got in the way. Writing wasn’t going to pay the bills. Writing that short story recently reminded me of how much I enjoyed writing.

I want to get a bit more active. Try and drop a bit of that post Christmas weight. And some of the pre-christmas weight as well. It’d also be nice to improve my flexibility, strength and stamina.

I also want to share more of my process. Show you more from behind the scenes. I am going to print more of my photos in 2020. Having done so recently has reminded me that nothing beats being able to hold your work in your hands rather than see it on a screen.

Final Thoughts

Basically I’m planning to make the next year as interesting as I can. Try a few new things and just see where the year takes me. Hopefully in 12 months time I’ll be telling you all about how excellent 2020 was.

Bex White shot at Wolfe Cottage in January
Gem Marie shot at a Wolfe Cottage Club Night
BOou shot at Wolfe Cottage in March
Mia Resa shot at Wolfe Cottage in March
Bobbi Castle shot at Wolfe Cottage in April
Experimenting with shutter speed at a Wolfe Cottage Club Night with Sumerced
Cariad Celis shot at Wolfe Cottage in June
Keelie Von Kaos shot at Wolfe Cottage in July. The last shoot I did before the birth of my daughter.
Amber Foxley shot at Wolfe Cottage in November
Finishing up the year shooting with Scarlett Fox at her home in December

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