Random Headcannon

I have a 6 year old so wind up watching far too much children’s television. As CITV shows about 6 episodes at once you see a lot of it as well. Mr Magoo is one of the more entertaining shows, and have seen a lot of them. I had a random thought the other day that I thought I would share with you.

Is Mr Magoo an experiment that went wrong? Is Fizz an escaped experiment? Did weasel help them both escape? Is Mr Cat a part of the same experiment or just a particularly intelligent dog? I know it seems weird, but it does makes a fair bit of sense when you think about it.

For me it goes down something like this.

There is a military base located somewhere in the desert with only a skeleton staff visible to satellite surveillance. Underneath the base is a different story however. Far away from prying eyes, deep underground, is a military funded laboratory running experiments of a highly questionable nature. This facility is run by Weasel’s Dad. There are several treatments running. Fizz, and in a cell next to him, Mr Cat are both receiving a pill that will make them more intelligent. Unbeknown to Dad, Weasel is also giving these pills to Fizz as treats. In another cell is Magoo, an army chaplain who was involved in an IED incident. Magoo has undergone various surgeries in order to create invulnerable soldiers. The surgeries have been successful at making Magoo impervious to harm, there have been unfortunate side effects. He no longer remembers his past life and is now unable to see without a powerful pair of eyeglasses. The drugs utilised during the surgery have scrambled Magoo’s mind to the point that he can barely perceive the reality around him.

Unaware to Dad, Fizz’s intelligence has reached genius levels and he is using his newfound intellect to slowly twist Weasel into his willing servant in order to aid his escape. He convinces Weasel to activate the fail-safe system that would destroy all the subjects in the lab in the event of a containment failure. Fizz assures Weasel that no-one will be hurt and it’s just to hide any trace of his escape.

Weasel releases Fizz from his cell and activates the fail-safe system as they make their way out of the facility. Mr Cat aware of what Fizz and Weasel are up to, has been planning his own escape in order to stop Fizz. He is only partially successful. The fail-safe system goes off, detonating a bomb that destroys the entire facility and engulfs the military base above. Mr Cat sees Fizz and Weasel escape in a prototype blimp but is unable to make it out of the blast zone himself. being thrown high into the air and blacking out.

Mr Cat comes round to find Magoo looking down at him, not a scratch on him, asking him if he’s okay. Disorientated Mr Cat miaows at Magoo who picks him up and carries him off to the nearest town.

Magoo, along with Mr Cat, settles down in that town. In order to explain his strange behaviour, Mr Cat spreads a rumour that Magoo is an eccentric millionaire. Unaware that Magoo and Mr Cat survived, Fizz and Weasel move into Dad’s building, Fizz transforming the basement into his base of operations for world domination!

And so the mayhem begins. . .

That’s my back story for Mr Magoo. Do you think it makes sense, or do you have a different explanation? Do you have your own headcannon to explain why unexplained things occurred in shows you’ve watched?
If so let me know, I’d love to hear them!

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