Playing with ‘Gels’

This week has mostly been getting back to normality after the Christmas break. I did manage to squeeze in a bit of time to have a bit of a play with the camera and ‘gels’.

Now why have I put ‘gels’ in inverted commas you may ask. Well it’s because my ‘gels’ are in actual fact, sweet wrappers. Quality Street sweet wrappers to be exact. I made a point of saving all the coloured plastic from them to use for just his purpose.

I just wanted to see if, one, I could use sweet wrappers as gels and, two, what it would look like. Turns out that you can and it looks something like this:

Just a few of the colours used in this test. The saturation varied depending upon the colour and the number of layers.

So what did I do with them?
Nothing fancy, I used a bit of tape to stick them over the front of my flashgun and then I used an action figure as my subject and took a photo. I would then add another ‘gel’ layer and repeat. Once I’d used up all my layers I’d start the process over with another colour. and so on and so forth.

I kept my camera and flash settings constant each time. I didn’t use a tripod or light stand so there is a little variation in where the flash and camera are between each shot.

The difference between 1 layer and 7 layers of yellow ‘gel’.

And in case you’re wondering the camera was set 1/160, f5.6, ISO100, and the white balance was manually set to 6400K. The flash was set at 1/32 power

Next time I’m going to use my two constant light lamps and experiment with mixing the colours and strengths to see what effects that will create.

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