Bath time at Wolfe

Last weekend was my first time in a studio this year, and what a way to kick off 2020. We had a beautiful model in the form of Fay Noir, a fantastically designed set by Caroline, and the technical team of Andrew and Alan to keep things running smoothly.

The workshop was split into three sections, beginning with our model ‘getting ready’, next up the bath was filled for some bath-time soapiness, and finally we had a milk bath set with flowers and and Fay wearing a beautiful flower crown made by Caroline’s own fair hands. (She is Wolfe cottage’s resident artist and most of their creative output is largely down to her.)

A fabulous set and a beautiful model. Can you ask for any more?
As you can see here we had plenty of heaters on set to keep Fay nice and warm.
You can see the setup here which would have allowed for a working bath and shower were it not for some technical issues .

I find shooting in a group interesting. Whilst there are more limits on what you can do – for example, how long you can shoot and what you can do with the lighting – being able to see how others see a shoot and building ideas off of that more than makes up for those limits, in my opinion anyway. And it’s always building on an idea, not just shooting the same thing. Something I decided very early on was that I don’t want the same shot as everyone else. I’ll always try and look for a different angle as, for me, it’s not about getting a shot that’s better than everyone else, it’s about getting a shot that’s different from everyone else.

All in all I can honestly say it was a great day, with a great team who all who worked so hard in order to give us the opportunity to capture some amazing images. I’ve been really pleased with the images I captured on the day and it has been such a delight to edit them.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post you can read the Wolfe Cottage blog and get their take on the whole weekend with more, and probably better, behind the scenes photos here.

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