Project Planning

Let me start with a bit of backstory. In 2018 I had two projects running. One was Project365 which as the name might tell you, was a photo-a-day project. The other was the T-shirt Project, where I took three t-shirts to every studio shoot I did and asked the model to style them with whatever they liked. Both of these projects ran for the entire year of 2018.

Example from Project365 on the left. An image from T-shirt Project on the right.

At the end I was a little burnt out. Pleased I had completed both projects, but somewhat exhausted as well. It also wasn’t long into 2019 when we discovered we were expecting our second child. Any plans for future projects were put on the back burner as I prepared for the new arrival.

After the birth of child number two I eased myself back into my photography and pretty much went back to what I had been shooting before, and whilst I enjoyed these shoots something felt like it was missing. Some small spark of excitement to actually sit at the computer and process the results of a shoot.

I came to the realisation that I’m in a creative rut.

To that end I have decided I need to start a couple of new projects that I have been mulling over for a while.

Project One

This is going to be another photo-a-day project that is intended to run for as long as it interests me creatively. So it might last three months or thirty years. To make it different from 2018’s Project365, there is a set of rules to follow which I have detailed below.
Rule 1. Photos are to be shot and edited using a mobile phone only. This restriction is to encourage shooting any where, at any time.
Rule 2. No people as the subject. No portraits. This is to avoid taking photos of my children and claiming it as part of this project.
Rule 3. Repetition is acceptable. In fact it is to be encouraged, so long as the goal is to improve on the previous image, regardless of whether or not the image can be considered a success.
The idea behind these rules is to encourage me to stretch my creative muscles as well as to look at the world through a slightly different lens. So to speak.

Project Two

This is going to be called the Morphin Project. The concept of this project is to combine my photography with Power Rangers, using props and the relevant coordinated colour. For example, using the tyrannosaurus coin with a red dress.
I have a few items to get started, a Power Morpher, the Dragon Dagger and Saba. Ideally I would use all of the ranger weapons and helmets too. We’ll see what happens as the project progresses. In the unlikely event that you’re wondering, I’m starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because it’s the show I watched when I was a kid. It’s my era so I have the most love for it. I do want to dip into some of the other seasons as well though. I currently have some ideas for In Space, SPD, and Wildforce. This is a project I’m particularly excited about as I am a Power Rangers fan and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one works out.

Power Morpher with Tyrannosaurus coin.

Honestly, neither of these projects really feel like they’re quite ready to get started just yet. In fact they feel a long way off from being ready. But that’s part of the point isn’t it? After all if I wait until I’m ready, I’m going to be waiting a long time. It might take some time, but the ball has started rolling.

Now, let’s see what happens.

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