Working through the Alphabet


To help us through these difficult time Tim at the Attic Studio has posted a challenge on Facebook,

“Right folks, to keep your grey matter active in these strange times we are starting the “Alphabet of Images” today. Over the coming days we would ask you to post images that feature the letters of the day working through the alphabet. Starting with “A” today then B tomorrow, C Tuesday after etc. Post an image old or new, DSLR, phone etc. If you haven’t an image look around the house or garden and take one. All a bit of fun and can be as tenuous as you like but please title your image.”

I’ll admit I didn’t really think about it much until inspiration struck on day 2 and I couldn’t help but join in with ‘B’

B is for Billy the Blue Ranger

Which was followed up with ‘C’

C is for (Power) Coins

Now I’d started I had to see how far I could run with a Power Rangers themed alphabet challenge. ‘D’ was easy,

D is for Dragon Dagger

‘E’ was less obvious to me and proved a little trickier, but I got there eventually with:

E is for Evil

I now have possible ideas plotted out for 18 of the remaining 21 letters, and I will go back and do ‘A’ so there is a complete set of 26. Whilst we’re still in the early stages of the challenge this has proven, so far, to be a welcome diversion from what’s going on in the world as well as a much needed creative outlet.

I hope you are all doing well, staying safe, and are also finding those things, however small or trivial they may seem, to help keep yourselves sane through these testing times.

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