The Daily Randomness Challenge – Part One

The Alphabet Challenge has ended. But fear not! The Attic Studio has not abandoned us to fend for ourselves. No, they have risen from the mist and delivered unto us a brand new challenge!

“It’s a new week, so new challenge time. Following the popularity and success of the Alphabet Game we now launch our untitled picture based fun activity . Starting today, and each subsequent day we ask you to post images related to that days theme. The idea stems from a book we had a couple of years back and still haven’t completed which is a great project and also perfect for these strange times. Again DSLR or phone images, old or new as long as they are yours to share. Share with your friends and enjoy yourselves and we look forward to seeing your posts.”

So a theme of the day Challenge or, as I’m calling it, Daily Randomness! We begin with. . .

Messy Hair

My initial idea was to try and shoot a couple of Lego mini-figures as if they were hacking their way through my glorious locks of hair like it was some sort of overgrown jungle. This failed to materialise however as it required a bit more time to achieve than I had available to me.

And I didn’t want to end with a little man stuck in my hair.

So I resorted to Plan B and shot a Cousin It styled selfie!

Messy Hair or, as I call it, the Lock-down Look

A Different Point of View

This was a bit trickier. I did think about shooting a scene from below, using a piece of glass. Problem with this was I don’t have a big enough piece of glass and, having two young children, it’s probably not a good idea to have a sheet of glass balanced precariously in the house. So once again I resorted to a Plan B. This was simply shot from above with a piece of white card.

A Different Point of View

Happy Reunion

I wanted to be a little different with this reunion. I think you really have to have some knowledge of Lego Ninjago and the relationship between Lloyd and Garmedon to fully appreciate this. I though it was amusing, even if no-one else got it.

Happy Reunion?


Well this was easy peasy. Just my two kids being adorably cute.


Behind the Scenes

Now I could have gone through my archives and found some behind the scenes photos from some shoot or another, but I wanted to have a little bit of fun. So I set up the Lego Central Perk set with a director trying his best to manage his shoot while all sorts of weird crap is going on around him. This was just me amusing myself.


Behind the Scenes


I had a Red Brick mini-figure so I knew he was going to be the star of today’s theme. I really liked the idea of capturing him as he burst through a wall too. The execution of this changed very quickly though going from a traditional horizontal shoot where I was going to have all the ‘exploding’ bricks connected to the wall with various attachments. This was until I realised it would be quicker, and easier, to build vertically and be able to position the ‘exploding’ pieces far more freely by not having them attached.


And so week one of the Daily Randomness Challenge has ended. It’s been fun having no idea what the theme will be and needing to come up with ideas on the fly rather than having a rough plan as I did for the Alphabet Challenge. And much like the Alphabet challenge it has been great to see what other people come up with for each of the daily themes.

I’m aware that these are a bit daft, a little silly and often amuse only myself. But that’s also kinda the point. It’s meant to be daft and silly. It’s why I use my phone rather than get my DSLR out. It’s a bit of fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed it just a little bit.

And remember, Stay Safe and Stay Sane.

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