The Daily Randomness Challenge – Part Four

The madness continues for another week of the Attic Studio Daily Randomness Challenge.


A nice and easy start to the week. I very quickly decided that this was going to be a teddy bear. I have two young children so soft toys are in abundance. The winner for this photographic endeavour was this one, which my son has for some reason decided to name ‘Dimples’.

Soft and Fluffy


Oh so many choices here. I could have photographed books, DVD’s, T-shirts, so many options to choose from. In the end I decided to show off a little of my shooting wardrobe. The scary part is that this is just a small part of it.


Running Water

I originally wanted to photograph a Lego figure, in the bath, running as the water from the tap flowed in. Like in Ant-Man. The only problem was that I couldn’t get the water to show up well enough and it looked rubbish. So I put together this little scene with Lego figures, based on the idea of running moonshine but using a bottle of water instead of alcohol.

Running Water
Because what use do Lego people have for moonshine 😂


What? It’s not even Summer yet and I’m being asked to think about Christmas? Ridiculousness. Santa’s not even thinking about Christmas yet, hence his very relaxed demeanour here.

Christmas break


A delve into the archives for this one. The beautiful Cariad shot against Wolfe Cottage’s purple wall. Simples.


Now, obviously I could have made this a lot easier for myself and just gone outside and pointed the camera up. But that was the obvious thing, and I knew there’d be loads of beautiful sunset/sunrise/stormy sky shots. So I thought about how I could be different. Et Voila, a quarantine skyscape.

Sky in Lockdown

If you happen to be keeping count you may have noticed that I appear to be a photo short this week. No, I didn’t miss a day. It was decided by the Attic Studio to mix things up a bit and in place of a specific theme it was a caption competition instead. So only six photos this week instead of seven. Let’s see what themes the next week brings and, as always

Stay Safe and Stay Sane.

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