The Daily Randomness Challenge – Part Six

We continue into week number six of the Attic Studio Daily Randomness Challenge with a small change to my contributions. I’ve been particularly busy this week so every single image has been dredged up from my archives. It’s actually made it a rather interesting challenge to find an image that fits the given theme. I think I’ve managed okay, but what do you think?

Portrait / Face

I’m a portrait photographer so this was ridiculously easy, and of course I had to be a little different with it. Since a studio portrait is almost expected, I veered to this old shot of myself. There is a touch of photoshop to alter the eye colour. My own eyes aren’t nearly that interesting.

Why So Serious?


How could I not go for a photo of my daughter. She is the very definition of beautiful and I am, of course, completely biased.



Yeah, this was a little trickier. I wasn’t sure where to go with this for a while. I did think about a snake-print outfit or something. And then I remembered Carmen. A wonderful woman to shoot with and could certainly be described as wild. This was part of a group shoot at Wolfe Cottage a few years back where I was experimenting with dragging the shutter to see what effects it would give.


A Winner

I thought this was going to be another tricky one. I did think about looking for the first photo I took in a studio that I was particularly pleased with, but I’ve actually already used that and this is better. I gave it the title of ‘And the NEW. . . ‘ in a homage to the late Howard Finkel. An excellent, and much missed, wrestling ring announcer.

And the NEW . . . .


Easy peasy, and back to Power Rangers with this one. If you’ve been following my blog you may recall that there was a plan to shoot a whole bunch of stuff like this. Hopefully a plan that will get back on track sometime in the not too distant future.



Now, I could have just found a photo of a bridge and used that. Job done, nice and easy. Except I’m not much of a landscape photographer, nor do I shoot much on location. Meaning there ain’t a lot of bridges in my archives. So I went with a picture of playing cards and a rather tenuous link to the game Bridge. Cards are involved. Right?

Something to do with cards, right?


And I get to end the week with something simple. For me, there ain’t nothing cosier than curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea.


Lockdown here in the UK is slowly being lifted. Businesses are re-opening and studios, models and photographers are beginning to shoot again, whilst maintaining social distancing.
I am not one of those photographers. As much as I want to get back behind the camera, the demands of work and childcare means I’m just not able to at the moment. If things continue the way they are I can but hope that it might not be too much longer. In the meantime,

Stay Safe and Stay Sane

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