Taking A Look Back

Oops! I dropped the ball and forgot to post anything last week. Bit disappointed in myself for that. Mistakes happen and all we can do is pick ourselves up, learn from them and soldier on. The Daily Randomness Challenge has ended and I’ve been at a bit of a loose end as to what to post especially as I can’t shoot at the moment. So I have decided to spend the next few weeks looking back at a few past shoots and telling you a little bit about them, and we begin with my first ever studio shoot at Wolfe Cottage with KRG.

We go back to September 2015 for this. T’was my first time in a studio as well as my first time working with a professional model. I was absolutely terrified, not helped when KRG quite cheerfully met me at the door in her underwear.
Looking back I don’t remember much about what happened during this shoot. I know I was really nervous, and shaking so much that it’s a miracle that anything came out in focus.

I look back at these images and I’m actually quite happy with them. I can see the first hints of my style emerging in these and elements that have carried through in my work. They’re not perfect and nor should they be, they should be looked upon them as the first steps on a path, and I think my skills and confidence have progressed a bit since then.

It’s good to take a look back every so often. It helps remind us how far we’ve come. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m excited to find out. In the meantime, as always. . .

Stay Safe and Stay Sane

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