Return of the Look Back

Part three of the look back series and we go back to April 2017 this time and a shoot with Sugar & Spice. If I recall correctly, I believe has been my longest shoot to date. I booked the studio for eight hours to experiment with lighting, shoot various looks, and make sure it was a fun enjoyable process. I do remember learning that 8 hours of shooting is exhausting . By the end I felt drained but it was a very enjoyable time and well worth it, something that I hope these images reflect.

I hope everyone is looking after themselves, lock-down restrictions here in the UK may be easing but we have to remember the virus isn’t gone yet we still need to do all we can to keep looking after ourselves and others. Whilst these little trips down memory lane are nice I am looking forward to a time when I can get back into the studio and behind the camera once more. I’ll end with this little reminder, as always. . .

Stay Safe and Stay Sane

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