Something Different

So what have I got to tell you this week? Well, I’ve chipped away a little at the backlog of photos that still need editing, and I have been trying something a little different.

Over the last few weeks I have been sending out messages to see if there was any interest in people allowing me to photograph them. The simple act of sending out a message and waiting for a response was, for me at least, quite nerve wracking. My mind goes into overdrive worrying about causing offense or weird, incredibly unlikely responses . So why am I doing this?

Couple of reasons, but mainly because I really missed being a photographer and doing shoots for six months this year. I missed creating art. and as great as it is to work with professional models there is a limited as to how often I can actually shoot, as the usually want to be paid funnily enough. That’s right, I don’t get paid for this, in fact I’m usually the one paying out. And I do this because I love it, and I want to do it more often.

So I sent out a bunch of messages to a whole host of people politely asking if they might be interested in a location based photoshoot. The location could be anywhere, even their garden.
I’ll be honest, I thought this was such a long shot and no-one would even bother to reply. Whilst that has certainly been the majority and don’t get me wrong, I understand, why would you reply to a random message if you’re not interested. I have been nicely surprised. I had a few positive responses and even got a couple of shoots in!

And the shoots went great, I was so nervous leading up to them (in fact I nearly had a panic attack before the first one) but once I actually got camera in hand and started I relaxed and everything went smoothly. I personally enjoyed these shoot so much and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get editing, and I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been so excited to edit. And then I get to share the results with them and find out if I’ve done my job well enough or not.

All of this has reminded me why I wanted to be a photographer in the first place. It’s not to create art for myself, it’s to share with everyone else. This is why I love being a photographer. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to wander down that path a little bit more.

Right now things are up in the air, the world is in turmoil over covid-19 and nobody knows what this year is going to spit up on us tomorrow. Right now it’s enough to know that this is a path I can continue on. I have no idea where, if anywhere, it’s going to lead. I’m not even sure how far I want to actually pursue it at the moment. It’s all baby steps – poetic as my daughter is taking her first steps at the moment.

And I’m nervous. And yet as nervous and scared as it makes me feel, it somehow feels necessary. I know that it scares me, and so I know that’s where I need to go. I need to travel down this path and see where it leads me. There’s two choices, it’ll either lead to something or it’ll lead to nothing.

Just remember, as always. . .

Stay Safe, Stay Sane

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  1. books1799 says:

    I was very happy to come across your blog via your Instagram site. I am fairly new to photography, though old (ish) in years. I retired in 2018.
    I enjoyed reading this post and the others you have written . It was good to read about your experiences as a photographer. I look forward to reading more. And of course enjoying your photographs. I found the camera settings information very helpful.

    Keep safe.


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