What to do in Lockdown 3.0.

Well, 2021 hasn’t exactly been what we all hoped for has it. Nonetheless we are keeping a stiff upper lip, drinking lots of tea and keeping calm whilst carrying on. At least, I think that’s what everyone’s doing.

I am approaching this lockdown with a more positive outlook. And to that end I am doing my best to find ways to be creative in those brief moments I have available to me. Any big setups that need time and space to put together and arrange are out. It needs to be small and quick to setup and pack away. So I am doing what I can with a pair of flashguns, a table and a couple of slate tiles.

I have begun my creative endeavours by purchasing a few necklaces from Chelsea’s Positivity & a handful of resin keyrings by Berry The Crafty Fox . Thus I tried my hand at a little bit of product photography.

I’ve really just been playing at the moment Trying to see what works and what doesn’t, and looking at different ways of positioning and lighting them. I like some more than others but all round I’m very happy with the results.

Above: A couple of the necklaces by Chelsea’s Positivity. As well as hanging the necklaces and using gels on my flashes, I tried shooting against the fabric of a few dresses to create a different look and feel.

Below: The resin creations of Berry The Crafty Fox. These were trickier to photograph than I had expected. The light played a little differently though the clear material, and they moved much more than the necklaces too.

I’m thrilled to be shooting regularly again, even if the subject matter is different, and have much more planned over the coming weeks until, fingers crossed, I’m able to photography people again. It’s also nice to be back blogging again! I didn’t really realise how much I have missed this until I started again.

It’s great to be back!

Keep well, keep safe and see you in a few 😁😁

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