Mighty Morphin’ Photo Taking


Lockdown 3.0 is still rumbling on and I’m still doing my best to keep that creative spark alive. Last week I showed you my dabbling in product photography. This week, it’s the turn of the toys! I have used a few of my spare moments to photograph a few of my Power Ranger figures. Whilst this is perhaps a lot closer to portrait photography, I have tried to take the opportunity to experiment with gels on these. Quick to setup and fun to shoot it’s a good way to spend 30 mins or so and I may well continue these experiments into my portrait photography when I can.

“Kneel before Zedd!” inspired by a panel from one of Boom Studios Power Ranger comics for this one . I attempted to use a red gel to light the energy wreathed staff, with a bare flash as the main light.
The Ranger Slayer, part of the Shattered Grid storyline, I went with a similar approach to Zedd on this one with a pink gel to light up the arrow. I would probably try for something more darker in tone if I tried this again.
Something we haven’t seen, at least so far, is Drakkon vs the White Ranger. I like the idea of the two Saba’s clashing against each other and used the darker suit of the Evo III version of Lord Drakkon to contrast with the White Ranger.
And finally, “They could have been Gods!” I used red and green gels here to try and make this shot feel menacing. I also added a couple of extra helmets from some other figures as well as the bodies of the White Ranger and Zeo Ranger 5, both versions of Tommy Oliver, to attempt to get across Drakkon’s hatred of himself. Of course that probably doesn;t come across if you have no clue about Power Rangers. Lol.

These are great fun to create and I want to try and do more in the way of little scenes, like both of the Lord Drakkon images. They can be trickier to do, to get the posing of the figures and the lighting right, but I think that the result is worth it.

Anyhow, I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s instalment of what I have been doing to keep sane in Lockdown 3.0. (Bit of a mouthful, that’s why I didn’t use it as the actual title.) If you have gotten this far thanks for reading.

See you in a few!

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