Arkham Grove?

This week I attempted to create something I have long wanted to try but had never quite gotten around to doing. That was shoot something in the style of the concept artwork for the Batman game Arkham City.

Below is some of the concept art the was my inspiration for my shoot. I could tell from these that I needed a white background and one light. I tried using a softbox to start with but quickly found that it didn’t give me the effect I wanted so went with bare flash instead.

Trying to create a photograph that is based on artwork can be challenging. I knew I couldn’t recreate the images exactly so I tried to get as close to the feel of the concept art as I could. One thing I found was that I could not work out how to get a shadow to fall on the background and have the shadows on the models to look right as well. The bottom two images (Ranger Slayer and Lord Drakkon) where you can see a distinct shadow were added in photoshop.

I tried a couple of different looks with one particular Power Ranger, Timeforce Red. I’m not sure which one works best, so I’ve put all three here so you can decide for yourselves.

My efforts differ in many ways, there’s more colour and they’re not as high contrast as the concept art is. But they were always going to look different. They’re photographs rather than art and the subject matter is different as well. The most important thing is that I am happy with them. It was also a nice little distraction for a bit and something slightly different from what I have previously been shooting.

So, until next time, be good, have fun and don’t eat yellow snow!

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