Reflecting on Year’s End


The end of 2021 is fast approaching bringing with it that time of reflection and consideration of what the past twelve months has actually given us.

It has been, an interesting year to say the least. Upon reflection I was probably a little too pessimistic about what this year was going to be like, expecting the worse and not planning for anything better. Saying that I thought I was going to be more disappointed than I am.

I have not been doing a very good job of keeping this site up to date, something I always say I will endeavour to do and rarely actually follow through. So it may appear that I haven’t been very busy this year. It’s certainly felt that way at times and it has been a struggle to have the motivation to do anything outside of work and keeping myself fed and watered.

Going over the photographs that I did manage to take over 2021 and I actually pleasantly surprised myself with how many people I actually had the good fortune to work with this year. Many for the first time and all were wonderful.

But it is a time of reflection and as the big old clock counts down to midnight I’m aware that I have no idea what the future holds for Photography By Nick. I had made some plans to start something new in 2022 but made the decision to go ahead sooner rather than wait. That something new is That Dull Nerd, a page where I let loose my geekier side, with film and book reviews and the occasional random pondering. Something I have tried on occasion to do here but always felt a little hamstrung by the name Photography By Nick and feeling like I have to keep the content mostly photographic.

For the time being a lot of my focus is going to go into That Dull Nerd, It’s something that is exciting me and gives me more creative freedom outside of just being a photographer.

With all that said Photography By Nick is not dead just yet. It’s more like it’s hibernating, taking a little rest and hopefully returning more focused than ever before. Who knows maybe 2022 is the year it all changes, and maybe it isn’t.

I wanted to end with something witty and thoughtful about the end of one year and the fresh start of a new one, but I got squat. So all I’m gonna say is don’t be afraid to change your mind and do your best to stay true to yourself.

Happy New Year!!

First shoot of 2021 working with Portrait X. A lovely group of people who were a pleasure to work with. I’d actually forgotten this happened this year.

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