Stylish Stunner

The beautiful Leah Meraki

I realise I have been fairly quiet here for some time now. My last post was in December reflecting back on the past twelve months. It’s been radio silence since then.

So no, I’ve not laid down my camera and disappeared into the sunset. By the same token I have come out of all the lockdown madness with a new set of challenges laid in front of me. It is now time see if we can’t tackle a few of them.

For the next little while at least I shall be sharing images I have taken over the last few years and seeing if I can’t give a little insight to my thought process when either taking or editing the shot. I’m not a professional so my insights might be, how should I say, a bit ropey. But just maybe it will uncover some useful tidbits.

We shall see.

So, as I’m sure you have already noticed, we have the beautiful Leah Meraki. The dress she is wearing is one that I brought with me to the shoot, something I did a lot when I shot in a studio. It was something I did to try and bring a bit of originality into my shoots. At the very least it meant no other photographer was going to shoot the model in the same outfit as me. I also tried to get a different angle on this as well. I see a lot of photographers shooting from the same viewpoint so where I can I try and find a different one.

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