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  • Look After Yourself

    15th Feb 2020 by

    “You can put your mind to do whatever you wanna doJust tell yourself that you capable, tooBut don’t do things that ain’t even coolAnd get rid of them no-good friends that’s enablin’ youMakin’ you feel like you won’t be nothin’, your life crumblin’They talk, mumblin’You gon’ be something, you’re gloriousWe’re no gangs, but warriors, we… Read more

  • Project Planning

    8th Feb 2020 by

    Let me start with a bit of backstory. In 2018 I had two projects running. One was Project365 which as the name might tell you, was a photo-a-day project. The other was the T-shirt Project, where I took three t-shirts to every studio shoot I did and asked the model to style them with whatever… Read more

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