A delicious slice of Kaos

Keelie Von Kaos is one of those people who is absolutely mad. In the most delightful way, because it means she is so much fun to shoot with. Whilst I’ve only had the pleasure to shoot with Keelie a few of times, each time has been thoroughly enjoyable. 

My journey so far,

I’ve been asked this question on numerous occasions, and the answer I give never feels like it tells the whole story. Mostly because it doesn’t, but it doesn’t seem polite to give a thirty minute monologue when all most people want is a quick response.

A Little Bit of Lemon

So here’s a little bit of lemon, Bernadette Lemon that is.   So I was going to wait until I had finished editing all the photos from this shoot before sharing. Instead I’m going to pick one which I’ve edited and three others that I chose not to, and try to explain to you why. A…

The Crappy First Draft

Beginnings are hard. Sometimes you just need to dive in and see where the current takes you. Today this site, and this post, goes live. It’s not ready, not even close. But you know what? That’s not the point. The point is to start, to get that ball rolling. The name will change, the look will change, the content will change. And that’s okay, because this is the Crappy First Draft.