Foxley on the Run

Amber and I went to this location unaware that it would be flooded at the time we intended to shoot. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before the waters receded, and we were able to get some cracking images like this one.


I honestly think I might have hung up my camera were it not for finding East Coast Creatives. My local studio closed its doors for good during lockdown and it sometimes feels like I’ve had to start again from scratch. East Coast Creatives is such a wonderful group of people, and I can’t speak highly…

Casually Fabulous

Just Leah Meraki looking simply fabulous in this rather casual getup. I’ve worked with a quite a few models since I first picked up a camera and I can genuinely say that I’ve enjoyed working with all of them.

Ol’ Blue Eyes

At the Norwich Shoe Factory for this one. Lots of space, lots of interesting backdrops just a really cool space to shoot in. This was with East Coast Creatives so there was several of us utilising the space. I was going back and forth, finding places to shoot and seeing who was free. There were…

Life in the High Trees?

It’s always a good rule of thumb that the best shoots are the ones where you have fun. And this was most definitely a fun shoot. This was part of an Elegant Woodland themed shoot organised by East Coast Creatives that sort of veered a little into fairy-tale/fantasy territory. Not that I was complaining as…

By Odin’s Beard!

Going into this shoot I had an idea to do a Lady of the Lake style shot, but I had no sword and wasn’t able to get one in time. I was able to get this hammer though. So of course, if we have the hammer, we need to have a bit of lightning as…

Graffiti Underpass

This is the fabulous Georgie May taken at the first East Coast Creatives meet up. I do like shooting as part of a group as it makes me look for different ways to take the shot. I liked the graffiti on the walls here with the steps running up the side. I thought it was…

Down in the Dunes

It was a bit later than planned but a quick jaunt to Skegness and a wander down to the beach and my first post lock-down shoot was on!

Post Shoot Fallout

With only one shoot this week it’s not been quite as hectic. Only now have the images from four shoots crying out to be processed.