The Look Back Awakens

This week I’m taking us back to March 2018 and a shoot with the stunning Jade Bird.

Revenge of the Look Back

Bit of change this week, instead of taking a look back at one shoot I’m looking back 5 years worth of Wolfe Cottage Club Evenings!

Trying to stay sane. . .

We all know what the situation is like at the moment, so I’m not going to go on about it. What I am going to do is share a handful of photos that I’ve taken on my phone recently. These were all taken using available light and I would expect to see more like this…

Project Update

About a month ago I told you all about my project plans for the future, and I thought it might be a good idea to keep you updated on how they’re progressing.

Going Ultraviolet

This week marked the return of Wolfe Cottage Club Nights and it all kicked off with some ultraviolet fabulousness.

Bath time at Wolfe

Last weekend was my first time in a studio this year, and what a way to kick off 2020. We had a beautiful model in the form of Fay Noir, a fantastically designed set by Caroline, and the technical team of Andrew and Alan to keep things running smoothly. The workshop was split into three…


Unlike the previous couple of weeks, I’ve not been behind the camera this week so I’ve got no experiments to share with you. What I have for you instead is a little look into what goes into my preparation for a photo-shoot. Tomorrow I will be heading to Wolfe Cottage Studio for what will be…

The Beauty of Print

So I hadn’t update my print portfolio in quite some time and decided it was time to get some of the photographs I’ve taken over the last couple of years actually printed. Hence I spent a couple of hours going through my files and picking out my favourite shots to get printed.