Attack of the Look Back

This week takes a look at a home studio shoot working with one of my favourite people, Em Theresa, all the way back in August 2016. I tried shooting some styles here that are not easily possible in a studio, at least not without some significant set builds. I remember this being a really fun shoot, even geeking out over Star Wars and in particular the returning (at that time) of Grand Admiral Thrawn to canon. (Yes I like Star Wars, the recent blog post titles might seem a tad familiar if you know your trilogies.)

I had forgotten how much I loved some of these shots and it’s been a pleasure to go back through and share some of these with you all. It’s lovely to go back to the past and remind yourself of fun times like this. I’m missing being behind the camera so much right now, but am working on a few things that, fingers crossed, will get me back there soon. The continued easing of the UK lock-down will help too. In the meantime I will sign off with my usual epitaph, as always. . .

Stay Safe and Stay Sane

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