The Beauty of Print

“You never really get to touch anything you’re doing unless you print it out” – Stanley Donwood

So I hadn’t update my print portfolio in quite some time and decided it was time to get some of the photographs I’ve taken over the last couple of years actually printed. Hence I spent a couple of hours going through my files and picking out my favourite shots to get printed.

Today I received the prints.

I knew I’d be happy with them, after all I chose them. What hadn’t occoured to me was how much growth I would see. When compared with the old prints it became clear to me how much my photography had progressed over the last 5 years

Now I’ve looked back on past images on the compute so I knew that there was improvement but the screen hadn’t really shown me how much there was. Seeing my photographs as actual prints once more has given me a boost that I was sorely needing.

I’m really please with the results and I’m going to make the effort to print more often in future, keep my portfolio up to date and enjoy the fruits of my hobby bit more.

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