A Splash of Colour

Another week and another mini-project to keep me hanging on to the one thin shred of sanity that I have remaining.


Anyway, this week I went back to the gels and had another play around with them. I set up a piece of net curtain and placed my two flash guns behind with different coloured gels on, angled at the subject. Once again Power Ranger figures make an appearance.

This setup didn’t quite work out how I wanted it though. So I made a little tweak and created a sort of U-shape with the net curtain, with the figure in the middle and the flash guns on either side. This created an effect that I was much more pleased with and I then spent a good bit of time mucking about trying out a few different colour and figure combinations.

Below are just a few of the results.

I was quite pleased with how these turned out, but I also wanted to try something a bit more creative with them. I whacked them into photoshop, selected a paint splatter brush, and spent some time messing about to see what I could create, the results of which are below.
I will confess, it wasn’t completely blind messing about as I did use a similar technique to add the colour in last week’s images.

And so I come to the end of another blog post. I still haven’t really worked out how to end these things. Hell, I’m not even sure if anyone actually reads them. I’m tempted to write something really bizarre here just to see if anyone notices. Or maybe just to give myself a giggle.

Till next week . . .

. . . Please Stand By . . .

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